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Our mission is to foster economic growth, promote sustainability, and empower the local business community. Explore the array of services we provide:


Financial Assistance

CBSC offers financial support for the development of business plans and feasibility studies. We provide loans or grants to local entrepreneurs when their business plans are ready for implementation, assisting in turning ideas into thriving ventures.

Training and Coaching

Whether you're a new entrepreneur or an existing business looking to enhance your services or skills, CBSC organizes training programs to empower you with knowledge. Our third party coaching services guide you on seeking financial assistance from external sources, ensuring you have the tools needed for success.

Community Development Initiatives

CBSC is deeply committed to community development. Our initiatives include supporting local projects, promoting responsible resource use, and contributing to the overall wellbeing of Chisasibi residents through diverse programs.

Strategic Planning

To ensure a clear path to success, CBSC has a strategic plan with annual objectives. We work collaboratively with the local business development corporation, and the success of CBSC is a shared achievement of our dedicated team and community.

Digital Transformation Accelerator

Embracing the digital age, CBSC provides a specialized service to facilitate the digital transformation of local businesses with our third party service. In a rapidly evolving market, our Digital Transformation Accelerator offers training and support to adapt to digital technologies, enhancing your business's competitiveness and ensuring relevance in a tech-driven landscape.

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CBSC supports local entrepreneurs with vital services.

At CBSC, we believe in the power of community, innovation, and sustainable development. Our services are designed to guide you at every stage of your business journey, ensuring that your endeavors not only succeed but also contribute to the overall prosperity of Chisasibi. Your success is our success, and together, we build a stronger, more vibrant community.

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