Welcome to the CBSC Projects Page, where innovation meets community development.

Each project is a testament to our dedication to creating opportunities and empowering local entrepreneurs.

Discover the thriving businesses that have flourished with assistance from CBSC throughout the years. Our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and supporting local enterprises has empowered these ventures to not only start but sustain and grow. Here are some of the businesses that received CBSC assistance and continue to operate successfully:

  • Bear Construction, General Contractor
  • Chisasibibimi, Gas Station & Convenience Store
  • Picard Taxi, Local Taxi Service
  • Martinhunter Taxi, Local Taxi Service
  • Rupert Taxi, Local Taxi Service
  • Saskounan, Excavation Services
  • Mookabi Construction, Excavation Services
  • Mithamin, General Contractor, Excavation Services
  • Taauchiwaatin Driving School, Local Driving School
  • Kinwapt Cable Television, Local Internet & Television Services
  • Thunderstorm Sound & Lighting, Local and Regional Services for Sound and Lighting for Concert Venues
  • JPL Construction Services, Renovations & Construction Business Management Services
  • BakeCree, Catering & Takeout Services
  • Bear Den, Construction Camp & Cafeteria
  • Wachiya Construction, General Contractor, Renovations & Building Maintenance
  • Maanitaaukimkw, Bed & Breakfast
  • Kanapio Property Development, Real Estate
  • CreeMart, Retail & Grocery Store
  • Cody’s Convenience, Local Convenience Store & Takeout Services
  • Retro Daze Café, Local Convenience Store & Takeout Services
  • Thunder Trucking, Construction Material Transport Services
  • Roderick’s Place, Local Restaurant & Takeout Services
  • North Auto Garage, Automotive Repair & Services
  • Chistapitin, Hardware Store & Firearms Retailer
  • Ouwah Store, Material and Retail Store
  • Napash Gas Station, Gas Station & Convenience Store

Each project represents a unique entrepreneurial endeavor contributing to the economic growth and community development of Chisasibi.

Building a Thriving Chisasibi

From local convenience stores and restaurant to the critical services offered by excavation and service providers, CBSC recognizes the importance of foundational services that contribute to the day-to-day life of Chisasibi residents. These ventures not only provide essential goods and services but also contribute to the overall convenience and wellbeing of our community.

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What to expect when your file is approved by Chisasibi Business Service Center Inc.

CBSC Inc. assists and offers help to the following steps:

Business Plans
1. Business Plans help determine the cost of the project, the cost of client’s financial contribution and/or how much funding the CBSC Inc., Cree Nation Government, Eeyou Economic Group and CREECO contributes.
2. When business plan is being made, a client works closely with assigned consultant for their file until completion of their business plan
Funding applications
1. Some funding application require Council Resolution.
2. In order to obtain a Council Resolution, CBSC Inc. submits a briefing sheet of client’s project to Chief and Council, Chief and Council then sends then Council Resolution directly to client if approved
3. Upon approval for funding agencies, they will need the following items:
  • Local Business Permit/License to operate (Can register with Cree Nation of Chisasibi, Economic Development Department)
  • Business Bank Account
  • Partnership Agreement
  • NEQ (Quebec Enterprise Number)
  • A place of location/Lot (approved by council resolution) If you have all of the above and do not require any more assistance, you only need: 
  • Support letter by CBSC Inc. and Council Resolution by Cree Nation of Chisasibi
  • A support letter by CBSC Inc. ensures your business project is in accordance with the Business Permit by-law imposed by Cree Nation of Chisasibi
  • Council Resolution: (refer to 2.2)
  • Register with NEQ (Quebec Enterprise Number)
  • Local Business Permit (refer to 3.1)