Frequently Asked Questions

1Where is Chisasibi Business Service Center (CBSC) located?
Upstairs at the commercial Center Suite 203.
2What is the Chisasibi Business Service Center (CBSC)?
CBSC is a Cree-owned and operated, community-based corporation in Chisasibi, offering one-stop business services, programs, and assistance to new and existing entrepreneurs.
3What services does CBSC provide?
CBSC provides a range of services, including financial assistance for business plans, feasibility study support, training programs, coaching with third parties and financial aid in the form of loans or grants.
4Who can benefit from CBSC services?
CBSC services are tailored for Chisasibi band members looking to start a business and existing businesses seeking support for growth and sustainability in the Chisasibi community. All services are available upon approval.
5How does CBSC support local economic growth?
CBSC actively contributes to local economic growth by providing resources and assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs, fostering a strong and diversified local economy in alignment with Chisasibi's values and vision.
6How can I contact CBSC to discuss my business idea?
You can contact Thomas Shem with your idea by phone (819) 855-3380 ext 223 or Kathy Louttit for business services and all administrative matters (819) 855-3380 ext 222 or use our online form to book an appointment. We look forward to helping you turn your business idea into reality.
7What is CBSC's mission?
CBSC's mission is to assist and support local private entrepreneurs in starting and owning businesses, promoting good governance, and building a strong Chisasibi business community aligned with community values.
8Does CBSC offer training programs for entrepreneurs?
Yes, CBSC organizes and provides training programs for both existing and new entrepreneurs, offering valuable knowledge and skills needed in today's dynamic business landscape through our third party services.
9How can CBSC help with financial assistance?
CBSC provides financial assistance for business plans, feasibility studies, and offers loans or grants to aspiring local entrepreneurs when their business plans are ready to proceed and funding is secured from other agencies.
10How can I stay updated on CBSC's initiatives and programs?
Stay informed about CBSC's latest news, initiatives, and programs by visiting our website regularly.

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As of July 1, 2022. Chisasibi Business Service Centre Inc. is proud to introduce the new business application process in collaboration with Cree Nation of Chisasibi, Cree Nation Government, Eeyou Economic Group, and CREECO.

Book an appointment with us to transform your business idea into reality.

Book an appointment with us to transform your business idea into reality.